Bag Lady

Ever since I found the perfect shooting scarf- non slip silk, Holland and Holland 1990, choosing the right kit should not be undertaken lightly.   I will be giving you the low down on what you should, and in some cases what you should definitely not have;  along with hints and tips to make  life easier, more fun, better looking, warmer, dryer and even more delicious.

I have a bit of a reputation for being well equipped for every, and I do mean every, eventuality when out shooting.     I’m like a terrier when it comes to hunting down what I want.   On the cover of the Jubilee issue of one of our sister magazines HM The Queen was front and centre with my dream game bag slung over her shoulder circa 1952.  While I am devoted to my current game bag, I knew this was the one I had been searching for, it was perfection.

It had all the tell tale signs of being a Brady Bag, quality, tradition and beauty.  I was confident it was a Brady so I punched in the number and spoke to Barbra Evans.   No one at Brady had seen the magazine cover so a quick dash to the local newsagent ensued and sure enough Barbara tracked it down in the archives.  It was a miniature ‘Wye’ which was last made about 16 years ago and she had been trying to get something like this off the ground to mark the Jubilee.  Would Barbara persuade her MD to make it again…?  YES, reader she did.  Brady Bags are making and numbering each of the special edition bags called “Jubilee” in their Birmingham factory.  It will retail at approximately £155 and will be available from very soon so put your order in now.

And guess what, HM The Queen will be getting Jubilee bag No 1 and yours truly, No2!